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TRADITIONALLY, KUNG FU DID NOT HAVE RANKING SYSTEMS. Although levels of mastery were established within schools, a lack of a standardized teaching and testing methodology created a disparity between many styles and schools. The fact that traditional kung fu as been denied access to the Olympics on several occasions due to a lack of standardized ranking criteria is proof of this.

At Yee's Hung Ga, we use a standardized way of indicating a student's progress through the various levels of knowledge and skill of our system. Our ranking system will allow our students' level of mastery to be acknowledged wherever they go in the world. The chart below compares our levels with their karate equivalents.

Hung Ga Level (Sash)   Karate Equivalent Level (Belt)
Hung Ga Yat Cup Junior Yat Cup Jr. White Belt Karate White Belt
Hung Ga Yat Cup Senior Yat Cup Sr. Yellow Belt Karate Yellow Belt
Hung Ga Yee Cup Junior Yee Cup Jr. Green Belt Karate Green Belt
Hung Ga Yee Cup Senior Yee Cup Sr. Purple Belt Karate Purple Belt
Hung Ga Saam Cup Junior Saam Cup Jr. Brown Belt Karate Brown Belt
Hung Ga Saam Cup Senior Saam Cup Sr. Brown Belt Karate Brown Belt
Hung Ga Jo Gow Cup Jo Gow Cup Black Belt Karate Black Belt

At the Jo Gow level, a student is considered an Assistant Instructor. To become a full-fledged Instructor (Sifu), 2 years of additional intensive training is required.

Training does not end with becoming a Sifu. Sifus must continue their training and testing to progress through the 10 Dan (Levels) if they wish to understand the full depth of the Yee's Hung Ga art - a feat that requires great dedication, loyalty and passion for the art.

Through these rigid training and testing protocols, Yee's Hung Ga is able to preserve the highest levels of quality and integrity of the Hung Ga style passed down through its lineage, while simultaneously and uniformly advancing the art itself. Very few martial arts systems go to such lengths to maintain quality instruction.